America: Trump Will Win — Part 2 — 19 Comments

  1. So encouraging! Thank you. Trump was chosen for this time, but God is displaying his power; this victory will be won by the Lord and we will all give him the glory! I’m with you in prayer for this great country, President Trump, and our victory in the Spirit!

  2. I stand firm and believe that God is speaking to His prophets. I watch and pray with expectation to see what God will do. Any who choose to lose heart, be careful. Do not cause others to lose heart. Be silent.  God is looking for a church that stands unified. Do NOTHING to cause division. Ask Him to renew your spirit and belief that He can do ALL things. If He says it, He WILL DO IT!  PRAY!!!

  3. I prayed that Trump would win, and listened to prophecies that affirmed God had chosen Trump. It has not happened. That means everyone who prophesied thus is a false prophet, unless Trump is acknowledged as President before January 20. I am still praying that truth will come to light in a way undeniable to everyone. Where are all the good people who know the truth? Will they ever confess the truth to the world? I am losing heart and facing ridicule because I believed.

    • Take heart Brenda. He will be Victorious. The evil fraud plans of the opposition are going to be brought to Justice before the Supreme Court. PA is known as the Key(stone) state. Trump is God’s David and will lead us to defeat the enemy, as PA ballot fraud is going before the Supreme Court. Sidney Powell and team know how they plotted and cheated. Watch and see, don’t give up Hope and keep praying for Justice and for President Trump. There are many good people who know the truth and are praying with you.

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