America: Watch, for I See a Mighty Backlash!


America, watch, for I see a mighty backlash from the seven headed serpent spirit.

Listen America, without wanting to dampen this awesome time of rejoicing in a great victory won, the Holy Spirit has strongly and urgently cautioned me during my worship time this morning…!

I heard in the realms of the Spirit a loud sound like the cracking of a whip, now the sound was powerful and deeply penetrating.  Then I heard these words, “Sons and daughters, keep your shields lifted.  Stay alert!  Stay vigilant and remain steadfast, for a mighty backlash from the serpent spirit comes to wreak havoc and wage war against your peace, prosperity and victory in this hour.”

At that moment a vision opened up before me where I saw a very large 7 headed serpent writhing and thrashing on the ground.

Now in the vision, suddenly my nostrils were filled with a foul and putrid stench that seemed to emanate from this 7 headed dragon like creature.

As I looked upon it, I saw that it was gravely wounded and it looked as if it was in great pain, but I could see that this serpent spirit with its many heads while badly wounded was not yet dead.  In fact, I could see and feel in the spirit realm that this mighty serpent spirit seemed to be regaining its power and strength.

Then suddenly I watched as the 7 heads of the serpent spirit beg and to rear up high into the air, ready and positioned to strike down hard again upon its prey.

In the vision, the anointing came upon me and I began to prophesy with a loud voice, “Behold, the battle for the birthright and Kingdom destiny of this great nation has been fought and won

Now I declare victory!  Victory!  Victory over the powers of satan and his cohorts in this hour.

Yes I declare victory over every demonic device that has waged war against the souls of the American people.

I now pronounce victory over every weapon of the enemy that has come to defile, disturb, disrupt and destroy.

I prophesy that every attempt by the hand of the wicked one to keep the American people from the peace, prosperity and victory of heaven shall not prevail.

I declare in this hour the God of peace will crush satan speedily under foot”!

Saints, I believe God is cautioning the body of Christ in this hour to keep their shields lifted, to stay alert, vigilant and steadfast.  I submit there is a war still waging over the occupation of the White House.

I prophesy the power of the 7 headed serpent spirit will not prevail over this nation, but will be crushed under the feet of the bride of Christ…!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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America: Watch, for I See a Mighty Backlash! — 1 Comment

  1. As I was praying over these same things I was given a particular word(10-27-16 @ 11:25 am) as I prayed,interceded I also asked for a clear instruction.
    The word was interdiction: military term for the act of delaying,disrupting or destroying enemy forces or supplies en route to a battle area.(Wikipedia)
    Prayer as Intercession and Interdiction.