America: Whistle Blowers Will Arise! — 5 Comments

  1. Praise God!!!!
    I stand in agreement with this Word and decree the “Whistle Blowers” are rising up with great strength and courage, in complete inside out reflection of their Maker, Shining without shadows, releasing the Kingdom of God upon the Earth in Mighty Miracles, Signs and Wonders giving ALL the Glory to our King in the Powerful Beautiful Name of our Fathers Beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord who’s Name is Above ALL names!! Amen :)

  2. Praise God!  He is exposing the corruption in our gov’t at last & God will have the final word, like it or not.  Fear not for God is with us Christians, Emmanuel, God with us.  This is a comfort to us because we know that “Greater is He that is within us then he that is in the world.”  Satan will not win.  God-fearing people, vote for life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Second Amendment, the right to Keep & Bear Arms.

  3. Amen! An unstoppable torrent of truth coming from the whistle-blowers proceeds from the breaking of the dam, which I have believed is coming.  It is like the emptying of the prayer bowls at a moment in the fullness of time when when it may be said that “enough is enough!”

    • Hallelujah!  We praise Our God, who is righteous and just.  We pray that justice and righteousness will prevail in America and will then cross the Atlantic to the UK and onto Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the Commonwealth!

      We need patience and self control during these times and are thankful that God is sending His angels to rescue us from Satan’s disciples!

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