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America: Will the Real Mother Stand Up! — 8 Comments

  1. Tectonics plates, means CARPENTER BUILDER
    God had me search out a thing. I tried to post in hear but it was too long.

  2. On behalf of The United States of America this Day in Christ we take up our Cross and through its Power receive by the Holy Spirit of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ our Complete healing and deliverence frome everything He set us Free from, and we receive the Fullness and the Abundance of the LIFE He purchased for us. From the lowest earthly regions to above the heavens IT IS FINISHED!!! THE FINAL ENEMY OF DEATH IS BEING SWOLLOWED UP!!! THE TRUTH HAS SET THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA COMPLETELY FREE!!! YOU HAVE PULLED IT OFF PERFECTLY ABBA FATHER, YESHUA, HOLY SPIRIT!!! HALLELUJAH!!!
    I believe there is now a Remnant putting on Cape and Gown (The Lord Jesus Christ) and we are receiving the the scroll of COMPLETION to release Truth, Righteousness, Unity, Mercy and Peace from the Kingdom of God upon the Earth…and the time is NOW!!!

    • Enjoyed reading this and I haven’t heard this story since I was a boy! Pasters, wake up! The world needs truth and a revelation of what is taking place!

  3. The digital cage they wanted to put everyone in cryptocurrency seems to be struggling, looks like there is a massive shaking happening, billions just evaporating like it never existed

  4. Yes, sister!
    Some say 1 billion babies have been aborted, murdered.
    Will The Lord not say “Enough” ?
    And yes the woman in red is on her knees fighting for life.

  5. See! For fault-lines and tectonic plates will move,

    Any chance you think it might be related to your Warning dream “111” on January 1, 2017.

  6. I have been following prophesy on HKP for a while, I notice many words speaking of big events happening unfolding in the time of Passover. When Passover came and went your thoughts become troubled so you begin searching and I came across this thought process of how Passover actually happened and where they crossed the Red Sea how it was actually a 500 km journey that took 18 days and another 7 days on a beach we call Nuweiba which is large enough to 2 to 3000000 people. The crossing would have been 12 miles in water 600 to 700 feet deep, There is much prophesy saying how our abortion laws are the thief that has been stealing from us, how this is the issue is what has allowed the devil to run free doing as he wills in the earth. But on MAY 11TH 25 days from Passover MAY 16th the senate voted (May 11) and the leak that said the Supreme court was going overturn Roe vs Wade was confirmed in the senate vote of 51 to 49 I find this very settling to my trouble thoughts.

  7. Veronica, I posted on fb but not sure it showed up.  The Lord Spoke very clearly to me in July 2020 when I was talking with him about the virus and the whys. He said to me that I had not hear the cries of the aborted babies that were crying to him daily from the ground. It was a very eye-opening experience for me and I had never heard him speaking in that tone.

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