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America: You Have Been Led Down a Road — 4 Comments

  1. Greetings my Brother Stephen.
    Thank-you for sharing the Truth that almost no one is perceiving in the Body of Christ.  It’s such a confirmation.
    Myself and a dear sister have been sharing for a year these very inspired Prophecies about America and Trump Saul connection.
    We both get a solid witness from your Prophecy.
    God Bless and Keep You!!
    From 2 sisters up here in Canada.

  2. Throughout the election cycle, I kept hearing the words distraction and division. I told everyone that regardless of the outcome, America would come to the same end, just a different path. When, the Trump comparison to Cyrus began, I became very perplexed. I saw the parallels of King Saul and the Christian community praying for Trump’s election. The answered prayer without any repentance, the belief that a man could fix this nation. Even now, there are many who vehemently defend him and make excuses. The election of Trump has blinded many believers.

    • Amen.  There is much confusion, and yes, deception.  The blind leading the blind.  I hurt for the sorrows to come on this people.

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