An Air of Expectancy! — 4 Comments

  1. Please pray for me to operate in this… in Jesus name. I am in desperate need of breakthroughs. I believe God has prepared me for them, and changed me for them and now I just need to not grow weary and keep pushing through. God help me. In Jesus name.

  2. GOD is surrounding me every hour, every minute, every second. He often shows me through animals, over and over the same lovely creatures, flying by, or coming straight towards me. Doves, white butterflies, eagle like birds. And always: Bright sunrays, His face in the sky etc. Your words give hope to many, dear sister, as always. One day we will meet. Shalom and stay blessed !

  3. So powerful! !! Only GOD Almight can manifest his Glory with expectancy!!! In JESUS name Amen