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An Anti-Aging Agenda — 15 Comments

  1. Pris, this is a keeper..Now I like this: I will finish My Work in you beforehand, so that you will have all you need to endure through thick and thin, through days of lack and abundance of My Glory!
    I AM turning back time in a sense for many who will find themselves feeling and looking younger and revitalized for the tasks ahead. Thanks for sharing,xoxo Sandi

  2. Dear Priscilla, what a wonderful word from the Lord and I receive this word: An Anti-Aging Agenda.  It is absolutely beautiful and Perfect for the season we are in.  There is so much beauty in every word written here that I am going to copy and study this.  WOW I love this so much!!!  Thank you Lord for your love and care for your precious body. Thank you Priscilla for your obedience to post this word.  Blessings to you and your family!!!


  3. Wow. I have to read that again! So much to take in! A powerful Word with much substance. Shalom – Elizabeth

  4. What a precious and comforting word is this from the Father?
    This is also a confirmation to the powerful word I heard this morning from pastor Robert Clancy from Perith Australia.Thank you for being used by the Lord to share his heart with the body of Christ.May the Lord send abundance
    Blessing to you and family.

  5. Wow!!
    I was reminded of a recent dream where a beast had landed upon the earth, and it seemed that coming out of it were many smaller ones, they were running into the world. The beast then turned into a tall and very handsome man, but no doubt about it, he was pure evil. He would walk up to people and smell them for fear, every one of them ran. He came up to me and smelled me and turned tail and ran himself, in the opposite direction…..THIS IS GOING TO BE SOOO GREAT!! :D
    God bless you beautiful lady!!

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