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An Outpouring of the Watchman Anointing! — 4 Comments

  1. I’m in awe to come across your site. Your revelation is true and by the spirit of God.
    I’ve recently received the watchman ministry and I know two other saints who have received the same. We’re in a deeper level of spiritual warfare and intercession, I believe this is to usher in the glory of God.

    Sometime back, I ascended into the throne of God and stood in the atmosphere of his presence, and the I was caught up in the spirit and brought into a room closely guided but dogs where barking outside.

    I’m writing this for those who may find this sight, maybe like me, searching for answers. The time of restoration is now.

    Now following this outpouring,after one of the major work of these wstch men, which is to usher in the greatest rivival ever seen on the surface of the heart, there will be divers miracles everywhere, in the streets, hospitals etc, marriages will be restored, generational curse broken, bondage to sin broken and many special miracles will be wrought.

    Your eyes will surely see these things. Therefore he that will ride the wind of the spirit through this coming revival, let him labor in prayers, for he that labours must first be a partaker of the fruits.

    The words of Japhet, a servant and prisoner of the Lord Jesus, not by personal desire but by the will of the Father, who is the only wise and true God; called to be a watchman for the heavenly Isreal, that gorgeous lady and to teach the fear of the Lord.

  2. I’ve been watching for a while now!  Lord God fill me with your presence!  I will obey your commands!  Use me! Send me!

  3. I love to hear what God is doing.
    It gives me great hope in this present darkness.  And I “sense it” in the spirit. Which then fills me.
    Thank you precious sister for your faithfulness to share.
    My husband and I have been blessed to hear what Hid is doing and to pray for its arrival. Wonderful Blessed.
    Becoming a part of His Army on earth to bring Heaven Now.

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