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  1. Dear Veronika, I also had a word in a prophetic painting of The Branch of Jesse during a Healing School Conference in Wales, UK in 2017.  The painting was of The Lord tending the flames on this budding branch and I heard The Lord say when I asked what is this?  “The Branch of Jesse” For the fullness of the interpretation and to see this Prophetic Artwork with revealed Holy Spirit scriptures Go to my link:

    ALL THE WICKED OF THE EARTH SHALL BE REMOVED LIKE DROSS. LORD I LOVE YOUR TESTIMONIES…(NO RAPTURE) MY personal TESTIMONY TITLED THE SPIRIT & THE BRIDE REV. 22:16-17 was written & delivered to the ORTHODOX SYNAGOGUE & CHURCHES on 11.26.1998 for ROMANS 11:26 THUS ALL ISRAEL SHALL BE SAVED! Updated on 5.5.1999 for REVELATION 5:5 LION OF JUDAH…  MY MANY WRITINGS WHICH started on 9.21 1996 with my 1st POEM : GOD IS LOVE published on with other poems THE LIRD GAVE ME – HIS LOVE STORY http://www.watchandpray.love. The latest is CORONA dated 3 11.2020 2:22 pm…IT was PURIM. Much more will be revealed based on ROMANS 12:19. VENGEANCE IS MINE SAYS THE LORD. I WILL REPAY… THE POEM MIRACLES 12.8.1996 clearly states: N0T BY POWER. NOT BY MIGHT BUT BY MY SPIRIT… ZECHARIAH 4:7 THE LAMOSTAND… HANUKKAH IS THE FORERUNNER OF CHRISTMAS… THUS EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW & EVERY TONGUE CONFESS THAT YESHUA HA-MASHIACH IS LORD & SAVIOR OF ALL PEOPLE… BACK TO GENESIS 101 FOR A DO-IT-OVER… SABBATH is the … the LUNAR Sabbath… I you to the Moon & back… SHALOM TO JERUSALEM & THE WORLD… Another important event : 4.8.2024… look it up… Shalom to JERUSALEM & THE WORLD PSALM 122:6-7…

  3. In a line with the Lord raising up new company ofprophets, the Lord spoke to me last year around Nov and Said I am taking up Elijah and raising up Elishas I had not heard the same word from Kim C. He went on to say unless the Elijah’s now operating would be remade they would lose their mantle. And the new company would LIVE NT lives. Like Paul and other A’s. Total purity and power without fear and bold as lions

    • Dear Jill,

      This article was posted on March 18, 2018.

      The description on the video says: “Stephen Powell was live with Veronika West — in Caledonia, New York, on March 16, 2018.” 


  4. Dear Veronika,

    I always follow your Revelations, as you are eagerly searching for the Lord and corageously speaking out!

    About this word I am confused though.
    According to 2. Thess.2, 1-8 / the rapture will happen after the great „Fall Away“ has happened and the A.C. has been revealed (First 3 1/2 years of 7)
    In Matth. 24, V. 15 ff Jesus speaks about the „abomination of desolation“ according to Daniel 9:27 which relates to the second half of the Tribulation, called „the great tribulation“ or „time of Jacobs trouble, – last 3 1/2 years of the 7 years. In this time span the temple in Jerusalem must be rebuilt for this to be fulfilled!
    According to your revelation „Reformation and Restoration“ and the „Abomination of desolation“ is meant to begin and happen within three years starting March 11 th 2018….!!
    Either the church is still here and be involved in the Reformation, Restoration, Retributing, end-time harvest process or rapture has happened and „abomination of desolation“ is taking place with the above scenario mentioned. Both events cannot come together….
    And, we did not see it happen within 2018 – 2021!

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