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An Urgent Word for the United States of America! — 4 Comments

  1. We pray for America. According to Psalms:37:32-34, our Lord Jesus will protect USA.
    During the night time of America, here it is day-time(Asia).
    We, the watchmen here, will uphold you.
    Jesus will protect your Nation with His Mighty army of Angels and Chariots of Fire. Amen.

  2. Standing in agreement on this. On assignment. Been covering his family household the administration. The weapons will not prosper in Yeshua’s name. Who can stand against The Lord’s Counsel! God bless America and Prseident Trump. Amen.

  3. I stand in Agreement for President Trump, surround him Lord God with your Mighty Angels, wherever he goes in Jesus Name I pray. I Stand against the attack of the enemy, for he Shall Not prevail. Thank you Lord, for your protection upon him and his whole household. Amen ! Shalom !

  4. I stand with you in prayer and have already been praying for him and his whole household.  I also pray that God will be glorified through Trump.  I pray that Trump will tear down the high places and do right in the sight of the Lord and, of course just like Israel prospered when they had a Godly king, America will prosper. Thank you Jesus!

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