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  1. Deborah….so I live on the 3rd floor of a condominium, a few years back I put up a rail curtain and went thrift shopping, I found the most beautiful wicker furniture and now every year I look forward to Spring when I fill the space with plants and flowers….it’s truly incredible!! This year when I went with a friend to buy plants I found nothing I wanted and they were just not worth the price they were charging, so I left my friend in the petunias and walked around outside to look at the fountains, I BOUGHT ONE!! It’s beautiful!! At first I thought “no way can I afford that,” but my friend walked up and noticed a sign on the pole that said “ALL FOUNTAINS 40% OFF”!!!!!! It has an l.e.d. light in the center where the water pours through that casts the most Beautiful glow onto the walls and ceiling of my balcony!! Yesterday after finishing a painting job for a lovely Christian woman, after paying me she handed me an envelope with a hundred dollar bill and said the Lord told her to tell me to buy something special for myself, Holy Spirit and I are going shopping today to find items to beautify the space….I’M SUPER EXCITED!!
    Needless to say this post has over-the-top blessed me today beautiful lady!!
    Thank you!!

  2. “Your tongue shall be the pen of a ready writer…Get ready, My Child. My Words in your mouth shall be as Deep Waters and a Fountain of Wisdom bubbling up.”

    So encouraging. Thank you, Lord. I love this word of God so much because I am not a person who is eloquent. I have not been taught how to speak with His word. Please God, pour your wisdom of the Holy Spirit onto my tongue. Thank you for your precious word of God.

  3. The Lord has been giving me messages that I have never heard before. He has been giving me visions and dreams! I have been writing them down, and he gives me more! Praise God.

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