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Another Warning Word for Britain — 4 Comments

  1. Perhaps it is time for your nation to apologise for colonialism, Freemasonry unfortunately also infiltrated the English church. As an Italian, I think it should apologise for colonialism in Italy, which Sicily knows well for the sulphur mines and their exploitation, for being the instigators of Italy’s malaunition to aim for the Gulf of Suez, the southerners and the Venetians were killed and forced to emigrate to other countries. An apology must also be made for the Britannia, where the Americans and British stripped Italy with the complicity of Goldman Sachs’ man, Draghi. History cannot be forgotten, we must look at the historical truth and ask the Lord for forgiveness.

  2. Here is clip of abominations;
    at the palace a man escaping for his life as he was obviously in danger!

    29 seconds‼️
    Why would you risk your life unless you were under threat of your life?

    Do you have any idea what abominable things are done to children by the rich and elite of the UK?ALSO NEARLY EVERY WORLD WIDE GOVT & ELITE BANKERS TOO! You will weep and wail and have holy,righteous anger(AND BE SICK TO YOUR STOMACH!)

    This from 60 Minutes 1989 of child sacrifice, sex majic and abominable abuse
    of a credible young woman


    We are not to be ignorant of satan’s devices in nearly governments in the world.

  3. Good morning Chris, thank you for posting this morning. I have to agree with everything you have stated! I too have been asking the Lord ‘when’, how long after the US has been purged will we see similar judgement over our corrupt political and banking systems.

    Like you, I haven’t received a timeframe from the Lord, but I believe it to be somewhat imminent. I have been speaking with the Lord about the future ‘system’ and yes, a constitutional republic is what I hear too.

    We have been cheated out of our freedoms, little by little over hundreds of years and God’s ‘reset’ will put this right, once and for all. We are very much of a similar mindset Chris, I too listen to ‘selected’ prophetic words coming out of the States and again, I concur with everything you have posted today. Thank you so much. Blessings. Nick.

    • Bless you Nick & thank you for your encouragement.  Yes, I agree that it’s fairly imminent – if it hasn’t actually started quietly already. I believe it’s possible that Joe’s 5mil donation being revealed may have started something seems will be unable to stop, and as we know, what starts over there starts over here soon after.

      Bless you my friend, Chris

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