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Antichrist Strategy — 5 Comments

  1. Such good advise from the Father’s heart and I so loved this part because we don’t know if we must take shelter but be forewarned :’Do not forsake the daily disciplines.  Do not cling to your things, over what is eternal. The more simply you can live, the easier it will be to move quickly if I tell you to leave and go elsewhere.” thanks for sharing, xoxo Sandi

  2. Thank you Lord for this encouraging word.  I also need prayer, please remember me in your prayers dear sister Priscilla.

  3. As an intercessor, I pray, decree and declare in times of duress. And what you said here, Priscilla, describes me in this dark season, “I see those unable to even move to do anything, because of the severe attacks on their person.”
    Please remember me in prayer?

  4. Oh oh thank you Lord for this word through your servant Pris.
    “While they thought they have won in building their own kingdom for Satan, I AM laughing at their pitifulness”


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