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  1. Wow Thank You Lord.
    The time is at hand for The Keys of The Kingdom to be entrusted to apostolic and prophetic vessels again (Matthew 16:19, John 20:21-23), so that believers would come to the mature man, The Church would be built, and Jesus would get what He desires.

  2. After the last worship song in church on September 14, 1985, when it was absolutely quiet, God spoke to me three times and said, “Take Jesus to BIW.” At the time I didn’t know God spoke. I figured if He did I would be the last one He would speak to. Nor did I think there were any modern-day apostles. If there were I figured I would not be one. Fourteen days later He baptized me with the Holy Spirit. I didn’t know there was such a thing. And that’s not the end…..

  3. Praise God! Amen and Amen! God bless you, brother Ty! I pray that you are doing well in the Lord Jesus Christ. I agree with this message beloved brother, as the structure of the Church and Body of Jesus Christ, as softened, somewhat weakened, for many reason. I speak for myself, as I have not been dedicated, committed to Jesus Christ, to the Word of God or allowing the Holy Ghost to govern, freely operating in my life as He desires.

    I’m certainly praying for all souls, saved and unsaved. I’ve never been caught up in titles or recognition by men or women, but simply have a desire and heart to serve Jesus Christ faithfully, with my entire heart, soul, mind and body. Being honest with myself, I’ve allowed the flesh to win the battle, many of times, complying with spirit of selfishness, inconsideration, greed of my will at times, not seeking the perfect will of God.

    I will study the holy principles and holy scriptures in this post, as I feel it is very much needed, for me. As prophets, a word can be given, but are the principles, boldness, not being selective with what the Holy Spirit desires to spoken, not refraining from speaking or addressing uncomfortable topics, examining our lives, our heart, the intentions, with why we truly serve God, is it the gift that we are fascinated by or is the true heart of Jesus Christ.

    Thank you, beloved brother Ty. God bless and love you my brother, praying for you and your family, as well as the entire Body of Jesus Christ.❤️

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