Are WE Listening to God’s Voice Today?


It can be very hard to be still.  The cares of this world and all of the sadness and gladness, most often creates little room for meditation.

Even when we know we should, it can be difficult to focus on “think on these things.”  Especially in today’s environment of turmoil, we find ourselves looking at the negatives and trying not to forget the positives.

I was asked once by a professional, what was wrong in my life.  My answer was “everything.”  It wasn’t true.

As someone who has dealt with great depression over the years, I was told something and I heard it clearly.  No, everything is not wrong.

Just what is it that is wrong today?  I’m not ashamed today to admit how hard I had to work with this.  You can get to the point, that stigma or not, there’s a lot of work to do.  The task was to set down on paper, a list of the things that were wrong and a list for the things that were right.  Without fail, the right list was longer.

We would never admit to ourselves that we were one of those who do not like having to listen to others.  As children and young people, that’s a given.  But some of us, when we supposedly are grown, we still shy away from instructions – we know best!

This can carry over into our spiritual walk.  It’s apparent that there have been those in the pew and the pulpit who rejected the voice of others.  I am often reminded that Jesus Christ knew very well how humans can act.

If there ever was a time when we need to have an ear for what the Spirit is saying to the church, it is more needed now.

It sounds too simple to say that we won’t hear if we don’t listen.  It must be in our heart and mind that we want to hear what the Holy Ghost says to all of us.

In the Old Testament as well as the New Testament, it is reported that many will not hear.  It’s as though they have stopped their ears.  There’s an accusation spoken to many of our people and it is, we are “dull” of hearing.  We once were better listeners.

Another question must be asked of us today.  Whom are we listening to and what are we listening to?  Do we hear about the wars and rumors of wars that Jesus spoke of?

Who among us is doing all of the talking these days?  Are we hearing from all of the ministries that God set in the church?

If not, why not?  Is there no voice that even speaks to that?

It’s been said that many times, the greatest sound we might hear concerning certain things is the depth of the silence.

It would be interesting to know just how many times that the word “hear,” is used in God’s word.

There is an expression we have used over time, when referring to someone’s realm of attention.  We often said, he or she, “hears what they want to hear.”  There is a voice that speaks loudly in this hour to God’s people.  It’s short: “Let no man deceive you.”

Do we realize just how ill the body of Christ can be, when we decide that we will hear only what we want to hear?

We cannot be sensitive to the Spirit if we are not listening.

I must make a choice that this voice has my permission.  He can interrupt me any time of the day or night.  I will go about my daily routine and my evening rituals, but my ear, will always be attuned to what the Spirit wants to say to me.

Some might say, “Oh, we can’t live like that; there’s no freedom in it.”  Oh yes we can.  The written Word, says we can.

Are we listening to God’s voice today?   We must be.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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