Are we seeking God for our nation and Church?


Are we seeking God for the future of our nation, and most especially, the Church?

I have been praying for the coming election and have come to the realization that we don’t know how to pray.  Have we taken the time to stop and ask God the question, “How do You want me to pray?” and then wait for the answer?

The question we really need to be asking, is for God to show us how to pray for His will to be done for the successful future of this nation and restoration to come to the body of Christ.

The next 3 months will sound the death knell for our country, or announce the celebration of new freedoms.  The church will either return to its first love and be set free, or reject God and fall into apostasy.

True intercessory prayer is the only hope we have to get us back on track to see God turn the Church back to His will and way.  It is not about who we think would be the best President.  It’s all about how we are willing to let God be God.

We can quote the Bible till we turn blue; but until we as Christians become serious enough about living a life of holiness and righteousness, and turn away from doing the things God sees as abominations, (which causes Him to turn His back on us and refuse to hear our prayers), then we have played into the hands of the devil to continue to rule over us.

We need to pray with a fervency like never before as though we were pulling one of our children out of the mouth of a wild animal, with the attitude of it being a life or death matter.

God will hear our prayers and do a miracle both in our country and in our churches.  Even as our bodies are the temple of God to dwell in, this great nation is God’s temple as well for His Spirit to move and dwell in.

Whether Donald Trump is nominated to run for President or someone else, whether Hillary Clinton is nominated to run or someone else, it is God, who allows the good and the bad to reign.

That’s why we must not be cavalier with our prayers and remain apathetic to leave the future of our nation in the hands of wicked men.

Ask God to show you how to pray for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done in the land of the living, now in our lifetime.  Ask for Him to let you see with His eyes and hear with His ears and have a heart to perceive and understand with His heart.  Then be still and wait on Him to show you.

If God spared Israel when Esther and Mordichai prayed, and delivered Jehoshaphat when he led them into battle with the praisers and singers leading the way, and God delivered David from the taunts and jeers of the giant Goliath who dared defy the One True Living God, then we are already victorious when we declare the name of Jesus over this nation and for God to do a new thing in our churches.

But we must be willing to pray and intercede to release the Host of Heaven to show the world that Jesus is Lord.

To God be the glory.


~ Jeanne Hibbard Bowen

Jeanne Hibbard BowenJeanne Hibbard Bowen



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