Are YOU Adding a God to YOUR Likings?


The reason why we have so much confusion and so much disagreement and mismatched ideas with regards to Christianity, is simply because you cannot teach anyone except they become a disciple.

A disciple, is a fully yielded and led follower who allows the Holy Spirit to speak and lead and who has come to know the inner-voice and leading of the Spirit, who is soft, sensitive and pliable to be moulded according to God’s will and not shaped by the ideas and the thoughts of humanity – also not the personal perception or human conviction of self accepted ideas!.

Leaders are teaching others, who themselves, have never become disciples.

Men and women are randomly picking and eating from a multitude of tables according to their own preferences and likings (as though there are many options to choose from, and many servings to suite our own personal palate, when it comes God).

For the better part, what we are feeding on is pure religion (man-made ideas about God that have been formed and fashioned according to the individual likings of the preacher and those preached to) – whether that religion may be free and liberating, or strictly governed by rules and laws.

Discipleship demands more than anything we can do or have to offer, and more than what we can give up to follow.

It requires a surrender and a inner-weakness to the point of yielding to God, so that He may shine His Light both in us and through us, and we being no more than His momentary reflection on earth.

What is right?

What is wrong?

In who’s opinion?

At the end, the only thing that is wrong, is the fact that we still have an opinion!

When Christ fully dwells in us, we live neither by “rights” or “wrongs”, but by the momentary – “right now” – Light of His Revelation in us, as we are led to walk in His Light!

LIGHT = The (super)natural Agent that stimulates sight (Vision) and makes things visible (‘perceiveable’, radiant and clear).


~ Johann van der Hoven

Johann van der HovenJohann van der Hoven is in South Africa.  He has been serving the Lord in ministry since 1991 and has hosted numerous apostolic revival meetings in South Africa and in South America.  He also currently pioneers a organic church planting movement across South Africa.  For more information about him and his ministry visit Fellowship of Believers or Revival.

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