Are YOU Feeling Abandoned?


Abandonment has its own special pain.  It kinda feels like a hole has been carved out in your chest.  This feeling leaves the human being with a feeling of sick desperation for any type of close contact, even its an animal.

I went through the ultimate abandonment, because I was abandon by all heavenly and earthly beings for three days.  There was no one I could reach out to, from My time on the cross until Father raised Me out of hell.

There is no greater pain any being can suffer as when the God of Love forsakes you.  The physical pain on the cross was nothing compared to the pain that paralyzed My being when I cried out, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?”  Matthew 27:46.

I suffered this most horrible agony, so you could have a Father and a Savior that would never abandon you.  Some of you feel that you are alone and that there is no one to share your life with, but it’s a lie from hell.

I suffered what I did, so you could be reconciled back to Father forever,   2 Corinthians 5:18.  If you will allow Him, He will provide a closeness that no human can.

My people are perishing for the lack of this knowledge, because they are seeking love in all the wrong places and for all the wrong reasons.  Human contact is wonderful, but it only touches the body and soul, leaving the most important part of you empty, you spirit.

No human can fill the emptiness of your spirit, it’s not possible.  When you were created, Father left an empty space, deep in your belly, for His Spirit to reside.  As long as this is space remains empty you will desperately search for love in all the wrong places.

Being born again does not completely fill the space.  Being born again allows His Spirit to enter the space, but He can never fill the space until all other lovers are evicted,  Luke 14:26.

This place is reserved for My Father alone,  Exodus 34:14.   If there are any other lovers in this space, you will never enjoy all the benefits of unconditional love,  Matthew 6:33.

You will always be a prisoner of your lovers, being always needy.  If they ever abandon you, you become an emotional and spiritual vegetable.  All loneliness can be erased forever, if you will become intimate with My Father through His Spirit.

Those who speak in tongues enjoy the added benefit of a Spiritual love language with their creator.  Tongues is a vital part of intimacy because it’s more than a language, it’s an experience that can never be fully explained.

After the price I paid to reconcile you back to Him, no child of My Father should ever feel the pain of abandonment.  If you are feeling abandon, then someone else, a daughter, a son, a spouse, a friend, a whole family or even a group is taking His place.

Be thankful they left you before you died and found out, you had another god before the one that created you.  The very one who promised He would never abandon you!

Every believer should check their heart regularly, if you are saying or thinking, I need you, I need you, I need you, to any one but My Father, you have another god competing for His space.  The Spirit says, serve eviction papers today.


Jim Hammerle

Jim HammerleJim Hammerle  (1941-2017) began ministering with David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz, founding Teen Challenge Philadelphia. 6 times pastoring a mission ship, 15 years with TV and radio, a retired businessman, Jim helped feed Ugandan widows and orphans, and helped Muslims find the Jesus who fed them. He was His banker and was privileged to give His money away, helping to build a Haiti orphanage and invest in USA lives.

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