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Are you Needing Hope to Dare Even Trust Again? — 8 Comments

    • Amen, Ron. I love and appreciate all on the team there. Still we maybe in different places and locations, but we are on Team Jesus together! Abiding in His eternal love and grace always. Joyce

    • Ahh David, thank you! I needed to hear it also.
      Thinking that is what gets wrong with so many of us, we start having confidence in our own selves. Pressing in and on by His true grace, my brother, Joyce

  1. It’s all about what you can see and what you can not see. When people looked at Jesus as a man they could not understand how he did what he did. To most he was just a man. When we see a dead man what we are looking at is a body minus the life or spirit.
    It takes spiritual eyes to see the unseen. So many are looking for a physical return of Jesus and can not see the way he is coming back. We become like him when others can’t see how we are the way we are. Christ in you is the hope of glory. Just as we look at a living man we can not truly see them we see the outside or the flesh. Paul said know no man after the flesh not even Jesus. Out of the heart the mouth will speak. God himself lives in our hearts and as we grow in obedience he becomes know to the outside world. Life and death are in the tongue by learning to listen we can tell if one’s words are from heaven or hell it’s more about where we live then where we may go someday. Some things to think about the time is short.

    • David Larsen my friend now, :) you always give me some things to ponder and think about. You certainly go deep. If we could learn to speak right words huh? Thank you and many blessings to you always.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement mama Joyce, your messages always give me hope. Please pray for me and my loved ones, we are being persecuted by CIA. I can’t go into details but please pray for us to come out of this trial soon.

    • You are welcome Uloma. I’m just glad it helped and ministered to you. I did pray for you and your loved ones as soon as I read. God bless you.

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