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  1. Amen!  That the Lord must be our “first love” is in the letter to the church at Ephesus in the book of Revelation.  It is easier to mistake that “first” means the “earliest”, as in the more familiar context of romantic love – with people speaking of their “first love”, but I have just come to realise that here it really speaks of priority, as in
    “He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.” [Matthew 10:37]
    I see that if we are to be part of the Bride of Christ, He must be our first love, taking priority over our families and anything else.

    • Mark,

      I’m sorry I’m so late in responding to you. Please forgive me.

      You are ABSOLUTELY ON TARGET!!! GOD AS OUR FIRST LOVE is a concept that is hard for most, because it is so easy for us to love something or someone that we can see and is physically with us a lot of the time.

      BUT hard as it is, the LORD is jealous and it’s imperative we love HIM FIRST /MOST.

      He has taken many things from me that have gotten in the way / gotten between Him & me. He does what He needs to do, to get our attention, so we can see His way is the best way. It’s definitely a VERY VALUABLE LESSON.

      GOD BLESS YOU!  Thanks for responding! Bev

  2. Yes Lord I receive. Yes Lord! Yes Lord! Let us hear your Words and live. The Great I Am that I Am is alive and well!

    • Joyce, DEFINITELY, YES! He is alive and well! Especially in you!!!

      I’m sorry I havent gotten back to you sooner.  Please forgive me.  I so appreciate your kind responses and encouragement.

      You are a jewel shining brightly for the LORD!!!

      GOD BLESS YOU!!! Bev

  3. Beverly how do we pray for the people that have taken the jab without being aware of its bad effects.  Please give me some scriptures. I have members of family I need to pray for. God bless you for all you do for the Body of Christ.

    • Maria,

      Praying for those who have had the jab requires deliverance prayers.  I’m not released to share all of that.

      But, You can ask God to deliver them from evil. (Ps 91:1-16; Ps 34:7)

      and that God would soften their hearts to repent of the things/spirits that caused them to get it, even unknowingly.

      Ask God to forgive them of their sins against Him.

      Ask that those receiving the jab, learn the lesson this time, that they dont repeat it!

      God is bringing much change in 2022. HALLELUJAH!!! 

      One of my prayers is that GOD’S CHANGE in 2022 will include the deliverance, healing, salvation, & GOD’S RECOMPENSE to all those who got the jab, those who were exposed to the effects of the pestilence & plague from the spirits causing infirmaty, sickness, disease, death & destruction to mankind.

      I am believing God will deliver us shortly!

      God Bless you!  Bev

    • i prayed that my family who took the jab be cleansed from all effects of it that are not of God Maria…render all these effects null and void thru the Blood of Jesus applied to them

  4. Ohhh my!!! YES!
    It is so!

    Psalms 110/ Psalm 2/ Malachi 3:1-5

    *Psalms 2:11a-12a
    Serve the Lord with reverent awe and worshipful fear…
    Kiss the Son [pay homage to Him in purity]…


      The LORD says,
      For My Daughter, who is Faithful & True. You are one who battles fiercely and loves deeply to fight for what is right & those you love.  Many wish they had your tenacity & boldness to face danger in the night seasons.  But you have kept your shield up, humility near your heart & your sword drawn to face evil, instead of running from it. You have a long history of being an OVERCOMER & I cherish you greatly. YOU ARE MY BELOVED & IN YOU, I AM WELL PLEASED.

      May GOD shower you with HIS BLESSINGS in the days ahead. Bev

      • Oh my! Such a precious blessing! Thank you Beverly!
        BLESSING YOU!!!
        FULLNESS in HIM!!

        Just giving feedback to Sandi’s post … I saw a vision of the Remnant as Medieval warriors riding down a field lined by gleaming gold warriors cheering us on!
        Heb 11:34b tPt
        Faith sparked courage within them and they became mighty warriors in battle, pulling armies from another realm into battle array….
        (see Psalm 18:25-39)*
        Psalms 18:28-33
        For You cause my lamp to be lighted and to shine; the Lord my God illumines my darkness.
        For by You I can run through a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall.
        As for God, His way is perfect! The word of the Lord is tested and tried; He is a shield to all those who take refuge and put their trust in Him.
        For who is God except the Lord? Or who is the Rock save our God,
        The God who girds me with strength and makes my way perfect?
        He makes my feet like hinds’ feet [able to stand firmly or make progress on the dangerous heights of testing and trouble]; He sets me securely upon my high places.

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