Arise and Awaken to your Destiny

First Published by email on 10th May 2012:


I hear the Spirit of the LORD saying this is the Season for you to “Arise and Awaken to your Destiny”.

The LORD says, “I am calling you to wake up from your slumber and sleep and step into the place that I have prepared for you in this time and season.”  

He said you have been asleep for too long.  “It is time to arise and rekindle the flame.  It is time to take up your stand in My Kingdom and walk in holiness.  It is time to awaken and take back ground from what the enemy has stolen from you.  Many of you have been crying out for revival.  You have cried out for My provision but many of you are lagging behind.  As you arise and submit to My plans and purposes for your life I will release new mantles, callings and gifts in abundance.  I will take you to new levels that you have not yet known.  I desire to move you up and give you the desires of your heart but you must wake up.  Awaken to My plans and purposes that I have for you.  Shake off your slumber and come out of your spiritual lethargy.  As we have entered in to a new decade I have great things that I am about to release.  You say in your heart, LORD I want to go to the next level but you are hindering yourself by lagging behind.  You are hindering yourself by being stagnant.

I will do wonders among you as you come before Me in total submission with clean hands and a pure heart.  This is My requirement to enter in to the Holy of Holies.  This is My requirement to bring you into new realms of My glory.  As you submit to My plans you will see multitudes come into My Kingdom.  You will see the miracles, signs and wonders that you’ve longed for.  Come before Me in prayer and fasting.  Seek My face and I will give you direction.  I am about to release My Glory in abundance in this time and season and bring transformation to My people as you submit your lives to Me.  Arise, My Bride and Awaken to your Destiny”, says The LORD!


Pastor Judah Giam‘s Yeshua’s Heavenly Ministries is an end-time prayer & revival ministry. He runs prayer warfare seminars to equip & empower Christians to be the Warrior Bride as ordained by Yahweh Elohim.  Anointed prophetic prayers & decrees have transformed the prayer lives of many who testify to experiencing breakthroughs in their intimacy with God.

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