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“Arise and Shine,” says The LORD! — 3 Comments

  1. Praise God! Amen!God bless you, Pastor June Reinke! I pray that all is well with you on this Sunday, trusting, believing that Jesus Christ is yet on the move and working in Divine Power through the Holy Ghost, in your life, in the lives of your family and friends. I humbly thank you kindly, appreciative, for you sharing this Word and Message, I and so many others needed to hear this, at such a time as this.

    It is truly time for all of God’s people, spiritual soldiers and warriors to get in position, to prepare, to get ready, remaining ready to be used, staying in position in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, in communication with him through prayer, fasting, praise and worship, reading God’s Word daily.

    The more we submit to the Will of the Lord, basking in his presence, seeking his Face with our whole heart, mind, soul and body, the Lord God will move in a Mighty way on behalf of his sons and daughters, never arriving or coming up short, but always on time, Victoriously.

    God bless you, Pastor June Reinke! I am praying that the Lord continues to use you in a divine, special way in the Anointing of his holy Power, through the Holy Ghost, strengthening you spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. I extend much love and peace to you, to your family and the True Church of Jesus Christ, to the lost souls, praying for their true deliverance in Jesus Christ, experience true to freedom.️❤️

  2. Yes and amen and the more you are in his prescence the less you will feel the hurts of this world and the attacks of the enemy…praise praise praise and worship till you are in his prescence and stay there..amen..

  3. YES.!, YES..! YES…! with total THANKSGIVING Energies – Strengths – Uplifting’s am HONORING my ABBA CREATOR with the Message WORDS from Heaven’s, to SHINE with ♥♥♥HIS Lights to be NEXT to HIM, AMÉN, AMÉN, AMÉN SHALOM with THE RUACH HA-KODESH for days ahead coming preparedness for serve HIS “Immaculate” KINGDOM, SELAH/SHALOM♥♥♥

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