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  1. William Bodi God has me sit down and write things down, there is much good Spirit-filled music to listen to as you spend time praying and writing as God moves you. You have been made righteous thanks to Jesus there is no reason to live in pain and disease, Jesus redeemed us from all the serpents killing stealing, and destroying. The communion table out of luke 22 19 notice Jesus gave us His sinless flawless perfect painless body at this His last meal in the earth as a man! The men at this supper would always remember Jesus in this light, yes he became that final old new testament sacrifice who took away the sin of the world and His death does ratify all the nt with all the new promises to His church. So sit down with your wife with Jesus with bread and wine and have supper in the presence of your enemy and declare you will never again give this evil serpent another foothold in your life determine to keep all those evil thoughts and words in prison where they belong

  2. Not one of us asks to be born of women not one of us made the choice to enter a less than perfect earth in a less than perfect state. The temptation of Adam and Eve affects all of mankind not one of us is exempt from this choice in fact we prove it to be true as we all do and say things we are not very proud of, God is the one who set the standard for righteousness holiness goodness, flesh and blood cannot attain the standard set this would be an impossible quest. But as much as our flesh and blood was able to house evil and live with it in our old Adam and Eve nature, now we have been born of the Spirit made new everything about you is brand new. We have been given a new mind called the mind of Christ which if we will give place, we will think thoughts from the Kingdom of God, we will have feeling emotions and desires from this greater Kingdom the kingdom Jesus walked and lived in.
    Knowing the truth about who you have been made and what you are capable of only comes through understanding this truth. The old you is dead your past is gone DO NOT BREATH LIFE INTO HIM you are a new creature Jesus’ sacrifice paid for everything the old you ever did, so if you slide back into that old physical Adam and Eve nature which is dead and you revive this dead nature remember you did not ASK to be born into this you are in this state because of temptation. The new you does not die He is eternal just like Jesus who made this living way. Jesus never leaves you or forsakes you, as He is so are you, Jesus has destroyed all the works of earth s enemy so have you, whatever Jesus overcame so have you, this is who you have been made when Jesus came into you this baptism was forever, and forever His sacrifice remains to pay for all our unrighteousness we have this continual advocate we can go to at any time and confess our faults and weaknesses and declare the old you dead and place the new you back in charge. This process is as easy as changing your mind BY SAYING I AM A NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST OLD THINGS HAVE PASSED AWAY BEHOLD ALL THINGS ARE MADE NEW. Be assured Heaven has poured everything out on and in you that you need to succeed, your toughest battle in life will be with the old nature the old you Paul called this the thorn in His flesh

  3. I know this was for me and my wife! We are in constant pain it is one thing after another, in our bodies! We really needed this perfect time as usual with our Mighty God! We love God with all our hearts and believe His Word! Thank You for this word!

    • Your post struck a chord with me. I too was in constant pain from a couple of accidents 35 years ago. I started listening to Praying medic on telegram. His name is Dave Hayes. He is an amazing healer for God. He taught me emotional healing and how to heal the wounds in my soul. God wants us healthy so we can be strong warriors for his kingdom. I am pain free for the first time in my adult life. I had herniated discs, a torn ligament, torn rotator cuffs and a severe whiplash caused severe neck pain. All of my pain is just gone. God is so good.

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