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Arrows of Healing and Take the Higher Ground — 2 Comments

  1. Yesss…THANK YOU SISTER Deborah
    I am declaring HEALING HEALING in flesh and blood…bones 2b AWAKEN to my BEAUTIFUL SISTER TINA…in JESUS NAME. Healing HEALING in JESUS NAME 4her. She’s been barren stricken from a massive stroke and I’m BELIEVING, DECREE and DECLARE her bones…beauty 4 ashes 2b HEALED through the GREAT physician JESUS CHRIST. FAITH in GOD ALWAYS☝☝☝⌚⏰

  2. thankyouso much for bringingthis word sisterDeb…..Much praise and prayer went up at the White House last week it was a peaceful gathering on our part and we all did our part and now God almighty will do his part…..it will be an awesome hand he will display…..lets remember how Jehosaphat lead his army as they geared up and took a stand against the enemy and God defeated all of their enemys……I love your word to the body…..May God bless you and all the body of Christ

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