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As Grain Silos Become Harvest Stadiums! — 12 Comments


    The Lord Will Raise up the Tabernacle of David
    And Deliver mankind on Eagles Wings again
    Stadiums full of worship and praise
    Focused in unity around Him
    Who Said if I be lifted up
    I Will Draw all men unto Me
    Who Said what He meant and Meant what He Said
    About Setting the captives Free

  2. Abel’s interpretations are hard to read. He greatly overuses the word “prophetic” so much so that if you had donuts for breakfast they would be prophetic donuts.  Also, he interprets the black dogs as false prophets and the rats as false teachers.  When have false prophets ever torn apart false teachers?  Obviously, the black dogs are doing good, not evil, driving away the rats.  They should not be interpreted as false prophets.  Slow down with having him interpret all your dreams. Let the Lord give YOU the interpretations or just put out the dreams as is.  There are five main ministry offices–Apostle, prophet, teacher, evangelist and pastor.  When everything is labeled “prophetic” why isn’t something “evangelistic” or “pastoral” of “teaching anointing” or “apostolic”???  False prophets wouldn’t kill the rats if the rats are false teachers.  But anointed righteous teachers could do that–and so could godly apostles–who take captive every thought, and who destroy arguments and lofty arguments that set themselves up against Christ. (2 Cor. 10:5ESV). I’m praying for God to raise up hundreds of thousands of true spiritual “leaders” who will be from the five-fold ministry.  All FIVE are capable of destroying rats!  Spiritual leaders will be those who acknowledge that the HOLY SPIRIT is the leader of the church and who are careful followers of him. Maybe that’s what Able means by “prophetic” but it would be better to stop the overuse of that word.  I appreciate your ministry.

    • Wes, I believe you are right on this point, I also don’t believe the dogs are false prophets for the same reason you do. Thank you for boldly speaking out.

  3. I understand you giving honor to those who you deem to be more experienced, but in several of your dreams I have sensed in my spirit your precise understanding and correct interpretation of your own dreams…as in your interpretation of the “watch dogs” in this dream. The interpretation is extremely subtle in nuance with the timing, feeling and impressions that Holy Spirit gives you. However with your revered friend, while his insight seems to be very keen on prophetic matters, and the over arching iinterpretation of the times is correct, there are details that he speaks to that don’t bear witness with me, while your interpretation bears clear witness with my spirit.
    respectfully, with deep regards. Thank you for your faithful walk before the Lord and the faithful administration of your gift to The Body!

  4. Dear Veronika

    My sister follows Richards watch regular, and your prophetic dream has brought home a very true reality, my sister has prayed to god and jesus since being a little girl at sunday school, she prays every day to them, for the last few years she has been plagued by psychic attack very strangely by rats and mice, she is absolutely shocked to read about your dream, would you have any idea, why this is happening to her, and maybe any idea how to stop these attacks?

    Kind Regards


    • Please do not take this for granted but test it out- does it bear witness with your spirit and are others saying the same?  Your sister is likely being prepared for ministry and the devil wants to snatch it from her.  But I would just ask – has she ever had any involvement at all with the occult?  If so she must repent of it.  Whenever she has an attack I suggest she says out loud “The Blood of Jesus” over and over again. I had a demonic attack once and as I did this the demon vanished fast.

  5. Yes, we pray that the Lord will break the strongholds! The grain is the harvest and the enemy is frantically trying to contaminate the harvest! COVID 19 and the response to it, as well as the economic collapse that is occurring, are all attacks from the enemy. They are trying to stop gatherings to stop the revival that has broken loose. But that plan will fail and these attacks will end up driving people to God, they are emptying the stadiums now, but God will fill them with the harvest!

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