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  1. As I listened to you pray , I first saw a lifesized silver colored dollar sign and then felt that I stood behind it and behind me the back end of a small truck .  I take it to mean the resources for me are being prepared to fill my truck for a haul to share with others . I believe it to be healing giftings to first receive and then share the abundance I have received. I am fertile soil and as you have seeded into me , may you receive the harvest 30- 60-100 fold this day , amen

  2. Thank you Sister Dana, I felt these words, I have been slacking. So many distractions, forgive me Lord. I truly appreciate your words of encouragement, blessings.

  3. Yes ,For those walking with YHWH, there is nothing to fear.
    Yes,A Place Beyond My Pain ,Just felt such a strong leading LOVE of The LORD .

    I don’t see it, but I believe it ,and i receive it .

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