Assigned and Commissioned for Greater Exploits! — 16 Comments

  1. This is a true prophecy, it bares strong witness to my spirit and also, the Spirit told me the same word in my life. He has a plan and purpose for the remnant and who he has called, He will not fail us; we just have to wait and wait it is with joy. We will fulfill our destiny and do the will of the Father.


    As a man thinketh in his heart
    Determines who he becomes
    He can choose to worship the one True God
    And from Glory to Glory Become Like the Son
    Or he can worship other gods
    And the person in the mirror too
    And become just like Lucifer
    Who left Eternal Glory for a messy stew
    For try as we might to replicate
    What only Divine Glory Can Do
    There’s only One God anywhere
    Perfect through and through

  3. Amen and amen.  In Christ, I have victory.  Alleluia.  I receive it in Jesus name.  Bless your name Jesus.

  4. Thank you Lord for always speaking to every situation in my life. Indeed your words are yea and amen

  5. Glory, honour, adoration and praise be unto God Almighty forever and ever amen. I receive this prophectic declaration in the name of the son of God, Jesus Christ, amen.