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At His Feet : #2 Switch is Here! — 9 Comments

    • Pris,
      Thank you! GOD BLESS YOU!  Agree with the “Anti-Aging” Word you shared below. Thanks for responding.  BLESSINGS! Bev

  1. Thank you for sharing the Lord’s messages from His heart. I love to feed the birds everyday and believe they are praising the Lord with their singing. Along with all the wild birds the Lord sends to my yard, the last three years I feed a flock of green parrots and this week I have a pair of ducks that fly in a few times a day. I am so thankful for all of Yahwehs creation and how perfect and awesome He is. I read a comment you made the other day on your post about how important it is to the Lord to pray in tongues and also to sing and praise the Lord in tongues. You mentioned you played softball in the past at night under the lights and got hit in the throat when the lights blinded you. I played softball too in the past and got hit in the forehead by a line drive and got knocked out and have had headaches and neck pain for a long time. I know healing is coming if the Lord chooses to use me in His great harvest which I believe is right at the door. So lets keep looking up for the Lord to come and transform His bride into warriors for a time such as this. Love, Joyce

    • Joyce,
      GOD BLESS YOU! I do believe the LORD will be healing you shortly, for you will be used by Him, much to His & your delight.

      Believe you have healing in your hands from what I’m seeing now, that will literally overtake you at times & flood over those the LORD has you reach out & touch. 

      The LORD says not bv to fear the days ahead, He has you in His hands.

      You are a mighty warrior for the LORD, & I’m seeing you dance before Him too! He takes great pleasure in your worshipping Him.

      What a treasure you are to Him! Blessings! Bev

      • Thank you, Beverly, for this most wonderful word from the Lord. I am overwhelmed with love, joy and thankfulness to the King of Glory who is my everything, apart from the Lord I want nothing but to serve Him forever. I am believing everyday for healing of all the pain in this old body and my vision restored for all my hope, trust, faith and love are in the Lord almighty alone. When I read this word from the Lord I knew it was from Him because immediately I felt the Holy Spirit in me and on me and He is awesome. When you said that about dancing it made me smile. When I was young I would dance the Irish jig. I told the Lord when I come before Him I will dance the Jesus jig and praise and worship Him forever. This Word already brought healing to my heart and I know soon to my body. I have hoped and prayed the Lord would use me as a vessel of His healing hand and I am thrilled that is an answer to my prayer. I look forward to meeting you someday so I can thank you face to face. Love, Joyce

  2. Dear Beverly,
    I too have noticed the birds singing not just in the morning, but throughout the day. And just like you! I have noticed just this past week their singing is just as you described it: louder but more jubilant. Just today while out in my garden, one landed in the tree above me and started chirping away!  I have never seen birds do this before! I smiled of course, and told the LORD His Birds were very joyous, and how hearing their melodies filled me with such joy as well. Thank you for this confirming word from our Father.  Lots of huge battles recently in my life and He has been by my side through every one of them. Praise Him mightily!  Thank you! And God bless you!  Gabrielle

    • Gabrielle,
      The birds bring such joy to me & I know to the LORD! Their newfound enthusiasm for singing is so totally awesome, it brings great excitement to my heart & I feel their excitement expressed in their singing is a true sign of the LORD’S excitement as well. 

      Gabrielle, you bring so much joy to the LORD in your psalms to Him. When I read the Words you scribe, I usually see Him grinning from ear to ear over the great delight you bring to Him by sharing your heart with others.

      Dear Heart, you have many jewels in your crown in Heaven, all worthily earned. He loves you so much!

      Thank you so much for responding! BLESSINGS! Bev

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