Attitude, Character and Actions Define Us!

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Attitude, Character and Actions Define Us!

Often times, people declare they are ready for ministry until they realize the actually work that is involved in doing the will of God.

In this season, as you are sent out to minister, you have to be able to be led by the Spirit of God, because He often times will extend the work beyond the time that was set.

God is doing great things and we must be obedient to Him when He says stay and remain even when we may have another engagement.

Leaders who walk in the Spirit will never oppose the will of God, because they are spiritually mature enough to know that God does shift a assignment.

One thing I definitely thank God for, is a ministry team which knows when God is moving and speaking, and that they then come in one accord, to the will of God concerning a assignment.  They don’t buck-up, get an attitude, or rebel against the will of God.

As a man or woman of God does what God commands them to do, they must know for certain that those who work with them, are not secretly working against them or despising the work that is being done.

I have seen leaders being controlled by those whom they have working with them, and they are driven into disobedience, because of someone that is not willing to follow the commands that God gives the one in leadership.

Having people who resist the move of God is dangerous when traveling on assignments, because they open a breach in the Spirit which allows the enemy the opportunity to come in and cause chaos and confusion and sometimes disaster and death to a ministry.

When people don’t have a Kingdom mindset they can be a hindrance to what God is doing.  They can often times have a leader frustrated and vexed, because now not only do the leader have to war from without, but they have to deal with warfare from within.

People with bad attitudes and bad character can cause doors to be closed.

People tend to judge leadership by the people whom they are associated with, regardless of how anointed and how excellently that leader walks.  If those connected to them have a bad spirit, they are look upon as inadequate, unskilled ,or weak as a leader.

Leaders cannot just look at the anointing gifts, or even faithfulness of a person, it’s attitude, character and actions that are important.

They may be anointed and gifted, but if they are mean spirited, argumentative or jealous, they will do more harm than good.

Nothing is more frustrating then to have somebody always questioning what God gives you to do, always looking for something negative, or you having to walk on eggshells, because you don’t know what may set them off.

No leader should have to undergo that kind of bondage, but most of them allow themselves to be put in that kind of predicament, because the person offer some kind of financial support, or they are faithful.

Making sure you have the right ministry Kingdom connection is very important, so that the work can run smoothly and the approval of God can remain upon the the mandate mission and purpose of what He has chosen you to do!

Eating Corrupt Food

In the Body of Christ, I have noticed that people will continue to eat food from those who have turned from serving The LORD and became corrupt.

We tend to become more attracted to the name, title and gift more than the Spirit, character and integrity of the person.

We have to know when the meals we are served become sloppy, sometimes under-seasoned and rotten.  Many times, out of obligation, we continue to allow ourselves to be connected to someone because of memories.

We hold on to what use to be, because of habit.  When things become no longer feasible to our spiritual growth, we yet hold on because of the name of the person, rather than the fruit of the person.

Fear of change, will have us yet trying to eat and swallow food that has a rotten taste to eat.

People, we must be careful that we get the right nutrients to give us the nourishment we need, to be able to survive spiritually!

Watch the fruit you eat, you may be digesting rottenness, corruption and fruit flies!

I Have Entered My Promised Land!

I’m sitting here thinking about a word that was released in the revival on Thursday night, when the Spirit of The LORD said, “Watch Saturday.”

He will be a day of sowing and reaping.  Some will be sowing for their promise some will begin to reap their promise.

Then He gave me a revelation that shook me in the service.   He said, “Go get your stuff from Lot!”

He said,   “The Lot blessing was from a part of Abraham’s blessing.  Lot wasn’t suppose to be with Abraham, but because he was there, he got part of what belonged to Abraham.”

He said,  “I never promised Lot what he received.  He got blessed from a connection technicality!”  

When that one came forth, I begin to think about those who received a blessing from a technicality, and not from a promise, and how they were connected, because they knew the promise.

Lot knew Abraham had a promise from God and he stayed with Abraham until it became unbearable.

So for me, I begin to call my blessings from the hands of those blessing snatcher’s connections.

Today is Saturday.  I rather you will be a sower or reaper, so both parties can expect the release of their inheritance!

Somebody better shout”   “I have entered my promised land!”


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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