August 2017 Breakthrough Prophetic Word


2 Chronicles 20:20 says “BELIEVE THE PROPHETS so shall you PROSPER.”  The breaker anointing is released through the prophetic word. In this prophetic word for August 2017…


It is a day of reformation says the Father.  This is a time of convergence when the energy and information inherent in My Kingdom is determining what happens next in the earth and what happens next even in your life.

You are NOW empowered to do and to be what I have created you to do and to be in the earth.  If there was ever a time to set aside the false modesty and humility of religious thinking that time is now.

I challenge you says the Father to excel and be conspicuous in the audacity of your faith under your experience and witness the total dominance of My power in your situation and your experience.

Now is this time says the Father!  Let your mind come into an ascendant agreement and harmony with your spirit where My throne is set on the inside of you.

As you come into an alignment of soul and spirit and yieldedness to My mind and My Spirit there will be an entire reconfiguring of what you thought tomorrow would look like. Relalize this says the Father – you influence your tomorrows far more than you realize.

I made you a king!  I AM the King of kings therefore you are a king.  I have called you to rule.

Push back against the insistence of failure and the spirit of the world to contaminate you.

Purpose to become the prevailing influence and the dominant force in every situation you find yourself in at every point of pressure coming against you.

This is zero hour for you says the Father.  This is zero hour for My people.  I AM calling up the people of God and the community of the redeemed as a governing force in the earth.

By My word in your mouth you will become the conspicuous city in the hill whose light expels all darkness in your personal situation and throughout the western world and the earth says the Father.

You are the pace setter.  You are the trend setter.  By my name on your lips and My word in your heart I will shake the earth and cause the nations of the earth once again to tremble at My voice.

You are My instrument of representation.  You are an embassage of My glory.  Go forth now says the Father and cause My name and My voice in your mouth to be heard in all the dark places in the earth until righteousness comes forth unto victory.


~ Prophet Russell Walden

Russel WaldenProphet Russel Walden and wife Kitty are founders of Father’s Heart Ministry of Branson, Missouri. Both travel internationally and in the USA ministering in the prophetic. Prophet Russ brings a new dimension to the prophetic through activation and impartation of God’s voice in your life. Russ and Kitty come from a long history in business world and full time pastoral ministry.

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