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  1. Part #2

    I have immediate family who have stopped associating and stopped being around me, as well as coworkers, because of my firm stance in Jesus Christ. The devil will always use demonic tactics with trying to silence a true Christian, with demonic harassment,intimidation, but when it didn’t work, they decided to frustrate me towards resigning – so when I did, the company try to make it seem as if I was crazy, falsely telling others within the company, that I lost my mind, etc.

    Anything outside of the Holy Principles, Spiritual Laws and Commandments of God, those things contrary to God’s Word – we can surely be open about the raw truth of what is really going on, of how satan’s deceptions has deeply crept in many churches, good hearts and souls. This is why we must read, study and meditate on God’s Word for ourselves, to show ourselves approved, carefully seeking Jesus Christ to lead us by the Holy Spirit, in all things, because in the end, eternity is forever, whether it is a soul living forever in the New Jerusalem, in heaven or punished in the lake of fire, day and night.

    I don’t want the assistance that will help lead me to the lake of fire, but rather choosing to fear, reverencing God Almighty in Jesus Christ, choosing to believe the Word of God, obedient to Him, taking His Word, at heart, not believing that there is a free monopoly get out of hell free card or pass. I love you all, God bless you, sister Sherry.❤️

  2. Part #1

    Praise God! Amen and Amen! This message, post and instructions, just name a few, is divinely brilliant, from the Sovereign God of All Wisdom. This list and message is so on point, because God brought me out of similar and such sinful groups, which condemned me, when I lost my job, after being a cheerful giver for years, sowing into the once congregation, they told me that they couldn’t do anything for me, after sowing hundreds of dollars. I was told that I needed their covering over me as a church, that it was dangerous not to be under their sinister congregation, but it was already dangerous, as I was spiritually dying, the very energy was being pulled from me gradually.

    I’ve read this entire post and in total agreement, %…. I’ve had a pastor promised me that he would pay me to come to his church, on a Sunday – as at the time I was temporarily working on Sundays, but he never paid through cash app and I never attended any of his services. I was wrong for entertaining the offer, but my spirit wasn’t settled either, I knew things were not right, not based on the holiness of Jesus Christ. I was still learning, as the Holy Spirit was teaching me to be led by the Spirit of God.

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