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“Babylon Is Falling!” says The LORD! — 13 Comments

  1. Thank you Chris and God bless you.
    This is the kind of message we want and need to hear.
    For far too long the Johnsons and Bidens of the world have been doing things their way with little regard to ordinary folk and what matters and is important to US.

    Britain and America need the ONE THING that has been missing in both our nations since at least 1945. CHRISTIAN governments. Politicians who are ruled BY and FOR Almighty God.

    Governments who LOOK to HIM to lead and guide them. And WE as nations need to be looking to the FATHER in LOVE, OBEDIENCE and TRUST to deliver us from the turmoil and trouble ahead.

    Our leaders have proved themselves utterly untrustworthy. We MUST RETURN to AlMIGHTY GOD in TOTAL REPENTANCE NOW…This is long overdue. Human governments are BROKEN REEDS where ever they are to be found.
    WE CANNOT trust them. ONLY our Lord Jesus Christ, GOD in the flesh will NEVER FAIL us.

  2. All institutions that are not founded on the word of God will crash even here in African countries.
    Praise God his plans are perfect.

  3. I had a dream, around 20 years ago now, and I was standing on the side of the road beside a Red Cross Van, when a lady, dressed in Prada and Gucci, with her hair a mess, a heel missing on her shoe, her shirt untucked, came limping up from the ditch toward me screaming, “DO SOMETHING, PLEASE HELP ME!!” I took her hands in mine and said, “Let’s pray.” She totally freaked out and said, “PRRAAAYYY!!! CANT YOU SEE WHATS HAPPENED HERE AND YOU WANT TO PRAY??!!! To which I simply told her, “Look, He’s all I’ve got to give, if you don’t want Him, then there’s nothing else I can do for you.”

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