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Babylon the Great is Fallen! — 2 Comments

  1. There was a time I would have thought as above. No longer what I see as evil is peoples homes filled with religious articles and there hearts filled with darkness. People all over this country professing to be Christians but in action something else. I know many people all dressed up like a whore in religious garments trying to seduce others into their fellowships that they to would be twice the son of hell as themselves. True evil today comes in all who are always looking for his coming and denying his life in them. How can anyone say they love God and hate their brother? This is not possible and yet it abounds in the churches in this country. We would be better off naked to be clothed in the trappings of a religious whore.The time is short use it wisely.

    • David,the church for sure must quit playing church and be the church. It is so sad, but many that say Lord Lord don’t even know Him. We must all do an inward check, daily and stay repentive.
      We can expose sin, but still love the sinner always. Lord help us all never have a holier than thou attitude. May we love others to Jesus Christ. If He has our heart, the world will see the true goods. Thank you for coming by.

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