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Back Out of the Cave Into Your Due Season! — 5 Comments

  1. Wow, this fits with the short dream I had several nights ago. I, along with some others who I knew were in a meeting in one scene.  The next scene we were in front of a cave along with Jesus. I don’t remember him saying anyyhing, but all of a sudden hundreds of people came out of the cave, laughing and smiling. There seemed to be no end of the mass of people. I seemed to know that within the cave there were many tunnels.  I awoke feeling happy myself.

  2. This is very powerful. And surely from the LORD. Yes, He and His angels are in control. Many were not ready. Our good LORD gave all people much time that they are not left behind in chaos and losses when His judgment comes. Many woke up and it is as HE foretold: In the last days His Spirit will be poured out for all to see that He is LORD. Your dream reminded me, among other thoughts about His “impossible” possibilities – to this Holy Scripture: WITH OUR GOD WE CAN LEAP OVER WALLS… :)

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