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Be Aware and Sensitive of The LORD’s Presence — 4 Comments

  1. Awesome word of “PEACE” from the Lord through your obedience June.  He is our very breath and He gives us all we need each and every day … we just need to see and acknowledge His presence in us and around us 24/7!  How I love Him and trust in His promises and His faithfulness in carrying them out :) Hallelujah!

  2. What a timely blessing from The LORD through you. I am taking care for a senior lady in one more night shift, reading the words of resting and sleeping in awareness that The LORD is working, watching, protecting and taking care of His children. I already turned off the lights and took a few minutes before midnight a last look at the phone… Yes, it is written HE DOES NOT SLEEP. The alarm bell can ring any minute / hour… Here and worldwide. He is with us, when the earth will shake.

  3. so true June….one year ago I had a fall and alone alone out with 2 bleeding brain hemorrages…and two torn in half and one partially torn tendon and bisept torn from where its supposed to be attached….I was 1800 mi away from family and was very fearfull being alone in this condition….this was after 7 ct scans and xrays at one hospital they told me the outcome of it all was was starting to be prepted for possible surgery at another hospital they had to take me to…during the 20min ambulance ride I wascrying out to the Lord to take me home I wanted to die.. instead I felt his arms around me engulfing me in his prescense and bring me anindescrible peace so much that at that point I really did not care what was happening for he was with me andfelt I coould go thru anything it did not matter what it was….I was now trusting in him and he was there…..in landing at the hospital they kept taking me for more ct scans and I thought why are they doing this….well the why is after viewing the scans at the previous hospital and saw the bleeding and such xrays of my arm they finally came into the icu where I was at and said a miracle must have happened because there was no bleeding now which is impossible for it takes over a week for blood to disapate and be absorbed by the brain…..and was impossible for me to even move my arm with all the tears in it but I was moving it and it was well……the Lord spoke and said to me “see you were worried because family was not there..but I was and I took care of you…I am all you need.” so yousee it does not matter what we half to go thru for the great IM is with us if we trust him. amen

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