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Be My Glory Carrier! — 2 Comments

  1. Oh Patricia, I asked the same question to The LORD. Thank you so much for this word. Thank You Father God and thank you my beautiful King. Jesus Christ, The Messiah! Write Your Story in and through me, and in my brothers and sisters. Show us Your Glory! Show us Your Glory, LORD.

    Let the Weight of Your Glory cover us
    Let the Life of Your River flow
    Let the Truth of Your Kingdom reign in us
    Let the weight of Your Glory, let the weight of Your Glory fall….
    Let the weight of Your Glory fall.

    • Dear Vanyah,

      I rejoice that this touched your heart. Your hearts cry summed it up so well. Let this be our hearts cry. Your beautiful post is much appreciated. Prepare us to carry your glory Lord. Blessings, Patricia

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