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  1. Hi Celeste,
    The blood sacrifice is not about killing but is a living ‘gift’ to God. When you reproduce yourself your children become a ‘gift’ to God and you ‘shed’ your own blood.

    That is why the blood only can be at ‘the altar’ once a year because you can only give birth once a year.You can have more than one baby at the same time, but you can only give birth once a year.

    The meaning of blood is nothing less than DNA and chromosomes so when God says that man shall shed man’s blood He means that human shall reproduce by human DNA, because that is how we ‘shed’ our blood.
    Horses shall shed horse blood, dogs shall shed dog’s blood, and so on.

    There are two laws spoken of in Scriptures. One is the genetic law of Moses and the ‘shedding of DNA’. We cannot be saved by that even if we no longer are polluted by a mixture (the corrupt mixed flesh in Genesis 6, see also book of Jasher 4:18).

    The other law is the spiritual law when we obey God’s Spirit and only speak what the Father shows us, exactly as Jesus said we shall do and this is the law which will save us.

    Where does a woman ‘lay her young’ if not in her womb?

    “…where she may lay her young, even thine altars oh Lord of Hosts .Ps.84:3

    Hope this will be a blessing!

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