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  1. Dear sister, I read your articles since 10+ years. I know, that “Peace, be still” is a loving and caring advice. There are many lost souls out on the streets, confused people, who are running straight into the Microchip as they ran into the forced syringes. Where are the voices of the churches, seeing whats on the horizon and being so quiet ? I can imagine, the LORD will ask one day “Where were you all ? Did you sound a warning to the nations ?” Persecution is reality, is foretold by JESUS CHRIST Himself, in Sermon on the Mount etc. But nevertheless, thank you for your work. I love you.
    I got hunted and accused for allegedly having a mess, for allegedly being mentally ill and more evil insinuations. Truth is: I have a beautiful apartment on a beautiful place since 12+ years, very clean and orderly, as well as I am always clean and in fresh clothes, I have worked hard and much and done further educations on own costs. I do sports 3 times a week for the arthrosis. I help african neighbours and others in their mess, hours upon hours. But my main job seems to be, spreading GOD’s WORD to the atheists and the lukewarm believers.

  2. Ditto’s.  For weeks now your words of exhortation have been quite specific. As though Father was speaking directly to me Sis. June.

    I got my shorts all bunched up yesterday over the trite, and parsimonious words of a roommate. I was having a real tantrum,angry frustrated.I felt justified, but i gave up a lot of ground in the process.

    Was terribly burdened, and defeated in my mind until i read your post, I received His reproof and loving correction.
    God is Gracious! You have been a real blessing, and are Blessed! I look forward to meeting you someday soon, I sense in my spirit.

    On my way towards Fernandina Beach,FL. Amelia Island. I asked Father for that Island some time ago! There is a great out pouring in store for that particular area, Kingsland,GA south to Yulee, FL and east to Amelia Isle, will become the Kingdom equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle, people will “Get Lost in The Glory”!

    The Holy Spirit declared, “There is a New,,and Greater Wave of My Glory Coming.”! Spring 2009 Kingsland, GA -7- Years Ago, I heard, received in a dream, as i awoke bathed in His Presence! Hallelujah,Glory!

    Shalom, Robert King

  3. For weeks, the words you’ve shared have encouraged me to keep very close to the Lord and not lose heart during this season… God bless you and prosper you.

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