Be the Leader you were created to be!


Somebody, listen to me, for I have a Word that will transform your life today.  By the time the word of God declares, ‘I have seen servants on horses, and princes walking as servants on the earth,’ you must know that someone’s destiny has been manipulated.

How can a prince be walking on foot while his servant is operating in his rightful blessing?  For understand that there are too many of God’s children [princes] who are living below their divine standard, too many living a second-class kind of life, look around you.  You will find those who are bound to sin, [slaves] living a better life than the righteous.  Concerning these things, the Father says: ‘It is not good.’  It is time to recover your position.

I am here to speak to you, because at this time, God will give you a revelation which will empower you to recover your position of dominion.  Someone who has been living in your destiny position is about to lose it and you will get back what is yours.

I am here to prophesy into your life, for God is about to effect an exchange in your life.

I am here to declare: no more destiny manipulation in your life!

I remember how The Lord spoke to me some years back and said, ‘Son, do you not understand that I did not intend for you My people to be led?  I created you to be leaders on the earth!’  He also took me into the Scriptures and showed me the word that declares ‘You shall be the head and not the tail…’  then I began to understand my position.

When you see wicked people controlling the wealth of the earth, but the righteous have nothing, something is wrong.  When you see wicked people in positions of ruler-ship and authority but the righteous are their slaves, something is wrong.  When the wicked appear to be prospered in their ways but the righteous are oppressed, something is wrong.  When your dominion [grace to rule on the earth] is taken away, you will be reduced to a mere human being.

Yet the word of God declares that He has designated you as royalty!

I will submit to you that if your level of life is not tallying with what the word of God says about you, then you are living in what is called a demoted destiny.  Something must shift in your life!

I want you to know that God did not send you on this earth to merely survive and get by.  No!

You are here to enjoy life and to live as royalty.  You are God’s favored.  You are here to rule and impact on the earth through the display of the glory of God in your life.  You are here not just to be seen but also for your presence to be felt.  As a child of God, the father has reserved the top positions of the earth for you.

The Lord had me minister deliverance to his people in the spirit all night yesterday, and by the time morning was come, I saw that I dressed everyone who was present in royal apparel.  There were so many people, and they all looked so glorious and happy afterwards.  Ah, whether the devil likes it or not, something must shift in your life today!

By the anointing on my life:

I command every slave that is riding on your horse of destiny to come down today.

I command everyone who is sitting in your position of authority to release it back to you today.

I command every power that has been standing between you and your place of greatness to evaporate by fire.  Any power that has reduced you to a second class citizen is arrested out of your life, let them break and release you now by fire!

I command it:  let the angels of God arise and dress you in royal apparel.

I decree your restoration to your position of great dominion.

Come on, activate your faith and receive it now, in Jesus name!!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi


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