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Bears! Russia & Economic Collapse! — 6 Comments

  1. I agree with the interpretation.  Not yet, but get ready. 

    I had s dream about three years ago where I was driving down a city street and there were several big box stores in a row, then something suddenly shifted and the same big box stores had the red sickle and the hammer on all store fronts.

    I then was in hiding with my family.

  2. “I felt very panicked, not knowing what to do. I knew that people were being attacked, mauled and killed“
    I don’t feel this is about Russia at all.
    This is about territoriality in the minds of those here in our nation who want socialism & have been planning for yrs for it! They are enraged. Bears are VERY territorial.
    And speak also of territorial spirits just like religious spirits in the church are like that! And this spirit of antichrist has infected our nation and people are being mauled, beaten and killed already!!! It will get worse for a while. The intolerance of the leftists have increased significantly. Yes economy will eventually collapse and
    There will be invasion at a time of our weakness but not yet. Soon but not yet. We must pray in repentance for all the witchcraft & esp of freemasonry that has ruled over us & infected the nation with its idolatry, perversion & violence!

    • This holds along with current political and economic ups and downs.  Many business prognosticators are saying there will be a Bear Market.  The Bear Market is already showing up in the “cryptocoin” markets.  Another added bear politically is the Islamic bear coming to destroy the foundations of our nation.

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