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Because He Lives! — 8 Comments

    • Indeed it is my sweet friend, Elizabeth. I am missing praying with you. Things have been pretty intense in my world this week. Pray soon! Blessings abundant, Sandi

  1. I celebrate with you sister! He Lives!

  2. Yes Lord! Amen Lord!
    I praise You and Your perfect love with which you loved me and gave Yourself for me. You literally loved the hell and fear right out of me! I’m eternally grateful, thankful, and joyful! Holy Spirit may I always look at the lost with your heart knowing without Your love and compassion I would still be in their shoes on the outside looking in. Thank You Lord for this new relationship You’ve given me with Your anointed, whose heart and mind is always set on Yours! It is a blessing and honor to agree in prayer and service with one who is sold out to You!!
    Thank You Jesus!!!
    Thank you Sandi!!

    • Happy Resurrection Day Marc and Tami! I am forever grateful that the Lord has connected us with His heart Marc and Tami. It is my Joy to share what the Lord has given me..freely freely I have received and freely I give. It is an hour like no other when the Lord is connecting people for His purpose. We need each other now more than ever in so many ways. Your kind words warm my heart and I am delighted to agree in prayer with you. It is an urgent time for hearts to join together in praer and agreement. Love and prayers to you both! Sandi

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