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  1. BRO Abel Praise, this is not time to try twisting words. God said to me last year, Will you believe the words of Moses in those days when he declared those words. It was hard to me to reply back. But much later, the question from the Lord was to console and strengthen my faith in the prophets that God has spoken through concerning Trump and the US election.  Remember Solomon said No one word which the Lord spoke through Moses fail, all came to pass! Our prophets are the Moses in our time and days.  It is not time to shrink back, as God is not pleased with such that draw back despite the obvious circumstances that we behold. We have a sure word of prophecy, we do well to take heed to those word. Prophet declares God’s word and leave the rest to God to work out the details.
    God is working out SOMETHING. He will get all the praise and glory.

  2. You’re doing what you’re accusing of!
    Your Genesis 3 comparison is a comparison between what The LORD said versus what the serpent said.
    I’m highlighting how the prophets presents two reports from The LORD – God said he will win and God said pray that he will win.
    Jonah’s job wasn’t to labor.
    Joshua’s word was conditional; his visitation was for all the lands he was to advance into.

    This writeup is about how prophets present The Word From The LORD.

    Read before commenting.

  3. I think your missing the whole point. Most the conditional words were brought forth as definitive. So in other words more prophets need more discernment. Second, if the churches trust is violated by bad prophecy surely its hard to win it back. Third, Deut tells us that if a word doesnt come to pass then it wasnt from God. They dont get a pass just cause they got it wrong.

    • Dear Jake,
      We certainly are saying similar things;
      Your first point is clear and echoes what I wrote; same as the third; even the third point you made is clear; definitive words certainly comes to pass; conditional words require colaboring to birth. I appreciate your comments.

  4. Tanya, thank you for your comment. I don’t know if you saw my comment (after yours)
    regarding “Communique to the American Church” on the ninth instant.

    Yesterday, when I first saw this (Before You Tear Down the Prophets — Listen!) I could not believe what I was reading. I affirm that the first thing that popped into my head was “Hath God said” You can see Abels reply to my comment on the ninth where he says and I quote “There is a difference between God said “he will win”, and God said “pray that he will win”.

    What irks me is the title of this message ” Before You Tear Down the Prophets..” That is exactly what Mr Praise did in his “Communique” – he threw them under the bus! And Mr Praise continues, in another round about way, to stick to his explanation of why things go wrong under God.

    I also stick by what I said on 09/01/2021 reference the “Communique” and the concerns I expressed remain unaswered! And I am also relieved to see that someone else also thinks Mr Praise twists scripture in an obfuscating manner.

    I challenge you again. In Scripture, when God says “So saith the Lord”, where does it show that the Words that proceeded from the Mouth of God failed (returned to Him void) because people did not pray hard enough, understand properly, or were affected by sin.

  5. I think its premature to say that Trump will not be President.  Until the actual inauguration, anything is possible.  And I also hear that objections can go beyond the inauguration of a President if it can be proven there was fraud in a court that will hear it.  Trump has not had his day in court which is injustice in that they have mountains of evidence no one will recognize.  He was elected, they stole it.  This means stealing has been condoned by the Supreme Court. This also means the prophets delivered the right message but injustice has charged them with false prophecy.

    • I agree with what you are stating Trump has not had his day in court. God is testing to see who has the faith in heart stand by His word when the gates of hell go up against His word to try to make God look like He lied. He is testing us to see who has the faith and courage to stand with Him when it looks like all the odds are against us or the prophetic word when the battle concerning the word is fierce! He is taking notice of who will actually stand in faith in Him when the testing get difficult and prolonged and who will be faint of heart in the battle during the end times.

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