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Beware of Vaccines — 5 Comments

  1. GM, Are you sure you typed this correctly?  God doesn’t do “may be”.  He is Sovereign and knows ALL things.  Just verifying if this is correct…blessings.

  2. GM, are you sure you typed this message correctly? “May be” harmful???  God knows if they are not.  Definitely not “may be”..God doesn’t do “may be”.  He knows ALL things…blessings.

  3. I naively accepted vaccines for years. It’s only in recent years that I’ve started to wake up about the dangers.

    Pharmaceutical companies need to be held accountable for the damage caused by vaccines. In the UK, the government pays compensation to people injured by vaccines, not the pharmaceutical companies. Why should pharmaceutical companies by protected from the harm they cause?

    This is the UK gov link which is useful for waking up people who naively think vaccines are safe:

  4. I agree, I do not believe vaccines are of the Lord & we, Christians need to be aware of the dangers of vaccines.  Jesus is Jehovah Rapha, our healer & we don’t need vaccines to prevent Covid 19 or any other disease the devil wishes to throw at God’s children. Jesus & His precious blood is our protection & God said when I see the blood the death angel will pass over you & your family.

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