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  1. I’m thrilled to read Kanye West is using his testimony of what God has done in his life to point people to Jesus Christ. He shares that God has called him to hold Sunday Service Experiences with music & the preaching of God’s Word. This is reaching a whole new group of people.

    Kanye West also has a new album called Jesus Is King & is doing what he believes, even if it goes against the liberal beliefs of most in the entertainment industry. Pray that he will keep his eyes focused on Jesus & that God would guide & protect him.

    Franklin Graham ❤

  2. The test of time will reveal everything as it is. Ours is to wait in the Lord while He is doing the process of refining. Everything that makes it through the fire God approves.

  3. I disagree somewhat. I come in prayerful peace. You said “There is no time for celebrity preachers. People who have been in the world about as long as you have been ministering, they just got saved, don’t know anything about what you are talking about, even the lingo ” been in the world” they want the love of God and to their sins forgiven by Jesus, they understand a simple message about Jesus dying on the cross to save them, a person talking in front of them and singing about this brings God on the scene to have souls, they felt the Holy Spirit’s Presence during Worship Service, not the celebrity! People who have been saved for 20,30,40,60plus years, to me, think new believers know the whole Bible by heart the lingo talk and Bible versus these people don’t have a clue how to be saved all they want is Jesus. The people that God is saving are not going to wear suits, ties nor dresses touching ankles, most want even wear a headscarf. They are going to be:: Face tattooed up, Face Pierced up, Green, Pink Orange Purple Hair, some will be EX-porn stars, EX- drug addicts, Drug Dealers, Gang Bangers. The Church IS Not Ready For what doesn’t look like what they think is Saved! But guess what they are still coming to Jesus. We don’t like what doesn’t look like us. God is going to fix and mix these all-white churches and All Black Churches.  New Christian clothing lines are coming, and Christians movies. When was the last time a megachurch Pastor paid his own money to fly a group of people to prisons to do worship services and all the prisoners bow their heads in tears, and Godly sorrow and repent, repeating the sinner’s prayer asking God to forgive them and come into their hearts, crying out for him! Are we really going to say the prisoners are not saved and pretending to be get saved? This is why Jesus said Whoo Unto Them. Maybe the newbies are going to do more signs and wonders cause they are not religious, they could care less about platforms, conferences, books, and titles, Not only that these new babies in Christ, they got their own money to finance the Gospel of the Kingdom.to Win More Souls for Jesus! Yeah, they new age alright.  This is why there is going to be a great falling away, because so-called people judgemental spirits, religious spirits even towards the woman caught in the very act of adultery, gave her life to Jesus in a split second. Jesus defended her from those finger-pointing people, showed her his compassion and love! More pastor scandals are on the way, we haven’t seen anything yet. Major things of well-known people are going to be exposed, uncovered, and brought to the light So that souls Can be Saved. Baby Boomers are not ready for Millenials nor are they ready for Generation X! They are Wild for Jesus, they go hard for God, and God Loves It, especially when they Worship Him! If you or I have never been strung out on dope or did gang banging or bound in prostitution or demon possession and Get delivered by Jesus! My Lord, Noway you nor me will ever understand or comprehend, why they are worshipping and dancing as King David danced. These new people feel “Free” from the devil for the 1st time in their entire life! We Christians are saying they are not saved, they playing with God! WoW, God himself is going to determine that. He looks at the heart of a person. He is coming for Hollywood Celebrities, Super Star Singers and Athletics and he is going to use them to do great exploits for him! Jesus is coming for the souls of the so-called church and ministers and the one who says they are prophets telling people God Said and God showed me this and that! God will not be mocked when he is saving souls. Some are going to say on that day, but Lord I preached, taught healed, wrote books, started schools, did conferences all in your name, Jesus will say depart from me you workers of iniquity I Never Knew You!  Lord forgive me for saying that a person was not you used by you, when it is you using them. Amen Lord send Revival!  Peace and Blessings

  4. I want to make issue of the article…..BEWARE of HOLLYWOOD REVIVAL….Is this related to KANYE???  PROOF IS IN THE FRUIT…KANYE has totally flipped.  Now MIlllialsl are type Jesus is King.  We have LOST our Millianls, The USA Church wasn’t going to reach them or save them. BUT WE ARE PRAYING FOR THEM…GOD SENDS UNLIKELY KANYE!!!  NO Our Kids that never thought of God or Connecting to Jesus. Let DADDy God convict their hearts for Blood & the Cross. 

    JESUS said, IF they aren’t against ME, they are FOR ME.

    I do NOT think Johann Hoven from South Africans too religious. I don’t think an South African or Europeanor ???  gets to tell America what is Holy & Righteous.

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