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Beware the Shadow People Around You! — 5 Comments

  1. “These are persons who go through the Body of Christ, connecting to people…”
    It makes me think of these verse; only one of them is a true child of God.
    “Two women shall be grinding at the mill, the one shall be taken, and the other left,” Matthew 24:41.

    • It’s interesting how I came upon this page , like I was lead by the spirit . My mom is exactly like this . I have been dealing with her negative for years , narcissistic personality . Suck the life out of me & keeps me away from the truth . Makes me hate my own self , I’m not of the world but she wants me to be of the world . I am different but as a shadow over taking my life she can’t see.

  2. Apostle Barbara! this the second word you have given in less than 2 weeks, that speaks directly from what God has told me! I ones attended a Church in Greenville NC called Greenville Christian Fellowship, I attended their spanish service for close to 8 years, I even played guitar for the worship band! This pastor and his wife would come to our house every week and eat with us, but slowly I started noticing a Jezebel spirit at work in the Church. Something felt off about it. I ended up getting arrested in February 2015 and sure enough after spending all those years with this family and in their Church. Not one time did they come to visit me in Jail! I went in their facebook after I got out, for the Church page and the time I was in Jail they were in the Zoo. They never took the time to Drive 1 hour to come visit me, but they drove almost 2 hours to go to the zoo! Haven’t even seeing them in 1 year! they haven’t called the house, they haven’t visited us. They disappeared out of my life totally! This is your second word from the Most High God that has spoken to me about people like this in the past 2 weeks!

    They would come to eat, they would come visit, we went to the beach! but when you really need them they weren’t there! Sad but true!

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