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  1. When we were praying last Wednesday in our small community I see a vision of us and others walking though a valley. Everything was charcoal black. ThereAll the color had been stripped away. We didn’t seem to notice this. There were sheep walking around with us, alo g side us. White fluffy looking sheep. Then in a All of the sudden a lion jumps into the scene and grabs a lamb with its jaws and shakes it violently and then throws it aside. When the lion grabbed it and shook it the outer shell of what appeared to be a sheep fell off. It was a costume and underneath was a wolf. There were sheep that were really wolves. God, as the Lion of tending to His flock and casting the receivers out.

    • Stephanie – warrior of God, this is such an amazing vision and a true blessing. There is no fear, He will protect His sheep. God is doing so much in the “small” gatherings… thank you for sharing!

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