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  1. Oh Sandi, thank you. For now, just pulling out one part here that really spoke to me specifically so strong. I got such a witness in the spirit!

    “I SUDDENLY understood what The LORD was writing on my heart. He was saying, “I have been there all the time from the time that I was only waiting patiently in line.”

    I was eight when I first came to Jesus and I have never been the same! Don’t believe I remembered you were nine. How precious at a young age He called usm

    What a lovely Lord seeking to pull us all in unity together. I love you my precious friend and sister. ❤️

  2. Dear Sandi, what a comforting and timely word from our Lord.  I really needed these encouraging words today.  I receive every word said here.  May God bless you even more in your anointing of prophecy, to Him be the glory for His glorious and beautiful gift he Has bestowed upon you!!!Many blessings and hugs to you and yours!!

    • Good blessed morning to you MF, I am forever grateful that the Lord, my GOD, has called me to carry His heart.We all need encouragement indeed but at the same time, we must always face the truth that God is a just judge and He is greatly grieved with the division going on in America and the nations. He is grieved with the double-mindedness of His people. I believed HIM when He said, I looked for a man who would stand in the GAP and oh yes, what a huge GAP it is. I said yes along with many others who have been tried in the fire. I will stand my watch and I will trust HIM to be loyal to the loyal to return America to her foundation of Godly values. MAGA? I am not the one to define that or to judge when I do well to KEEP my own heart. I will continue to listen and stand. THank you for your kindness MF. It is people like you that give me more hope to keep pressing on and know that only GOD sees and knows all. HE is the one that has lifted the veil for all to see the darkness and He is the one who is revealing and shining His light. We are not to judge His people We are to love them. He went to the garden alone and the drank the cup! He is called SAVIOR along with JUDGE, KING, REDEEMER and so many more. I am a grateful follower. xoxo

  3. Dear Sandi

    I had smile when I read “It is the best of times, and it is the worst of times”, as I just preached that famous line (from Dickens’ “A tale of two cities” less than 12 hours ago. Funny how quickly the Lord is confirming everything these days…..

    One thing is remarkably clear: through many different vessels God is telling His remnant church “FEAR NOT”, walk in “UNITY of Spirit”, remain in “LOVE”, esp.in these times. Nothing of the Kingdom of God Will happen without a holy love and unity. He’s hitting that point home, loud n’ clear. Thank you, faithful one.

    • It is good to smile, Elizabeth..we must decide ahead of time that we will smile in the good times and pray in the bad time but keep smiling until the Lord turns it into gladness You have been a busy ‘preacher girl’ these last few weeks ..to GOD be the Glory as you keep spreading the word as His faithful minister. May more and more doors open in 2024 for you to ‘get the word out’ to the hungry! Blessings to you my friend, Sandi

  4. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
    Praise You Jesus!
    Thank You Lord!
    Yes Lord! Amen!
    Thank you Sandi!
    So exciting!!!!!!

    • Good evening, Marc, Thank you for your excitement. I felt such peace and a deep sense of finality as the Lord spoke this to me and I listened to the song again and again. I know He is the only SURE THING! FOR SURE! Sending gratitude to you and Tami for your input in my life. It brings me joy to see your excitement for JESUS! Sandi

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