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Boldly Proclaim The LORD’s Word! — 2 Comments

  1. The LORD has given me a very special sunrise today, I knew it when the 1st rays came to my window, even in the early hours before sunrise today I noticed, THE LORD is showing up. I saw huge angels. He unfolded a wonderful open sky, open heaven. I grabbed my phone, took and sent a short video of this stunning view to my phone “status”, added a Christian song about open heaven. The song has multiplicated since then, even 2 coworkers who are not on friends list but on contact list – reacted positive. My family in Germany, a female friend in Turkey, all have seen it and were deeply touched by the song. A VERY comforting song. Though I needed comfort after and during heavy heart aches in the past nights, THE LORD HIMSELF was and is the wall of fire all around. I recall a powerful comfort from yesterday by Lana Vawser. She was given insight what happens to the saints right now. I thought I can’t make it 1 day or night longer, then this new sign appeared. We are not allowed to swear – GOD IS MY WITNESS WHAT HE MADE ME WITNESS ! I shared His light and wonders and love. This even made a female neighbour sending me a greeting. I haven’t heard from or seen her since weeks. Long story short: Times are very rough, but never passes one day or night without His signs and help. And yes – be light ! And be ready !

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