Breakthrough Prophetic Word for September 2016


2 Chronicles 20:20 says BELIEVE THE PROPHETS so shall you PROSPER.  The breaker anointing is released through the prophetic word.  In this prophetic word for September 2016.  Video and Transcription below:

TRANSCRIPTION: “The Father says today that this is a season of upgrades.  If you ever expected or hoped for an upturn, upgrade, promotion or acceleration of My blessing – NOW is your time.

I AM upgrading the level of favor you have been walking in.  Up to now you have truly seen My blessing.  You know that I have worked in your life and answered prayer.  Let Me say this to you so you will fully understand the path that your foot now treads:

You haven’t seen ANYTHING yet!

This is the hour of the unprecedented.  This is the time of unusual answers.  This is the time of more than you could ask or think.

Why do you think the enemy is working so hard to get you distracted?  He wants you distracted by the political, distracted by the negative.  He wants you looking on what is coming upon the world – but beloved remember this: YOU ARE NOT OF THE WORLD.

You are IN the world but what the world is facing is NOT YOUR PORTION.

I AM covering you.  I AM protecting you.  You are in the SECRET PLACE of the Most High and from that vantage point you will see My hand securing, increasing and enlarging every portion of your life!”


~ Prophet Russell Walden

Russel WaldenProphet Russel Walden and wife Kitty are founders of Father’s Heart
Ministry of Branson, Missouri. Both travel internationally and in the USA ministering in the prophetic.
Prophet Russ brings a new dimension to the prophetic through activation and impartation of God’s voice in your life.
Russ and Kitty come from a long history in business world and full time pastoral ministry.

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Breakthrough Prophetic Word for September 2016 — 3 Comments

  1. This inspire me so much and give me strength, thank you for this word.
    Please pray for my walk in my salvation.
    Let us pray for everyone to repent in the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  2. Bless you bless you and bless you!! Now u speak with authority of the Most High!!! Thank you for saying what no one is saying, “we are not of this world”. Many prophets or preachers are condemning one politician or another, but none of that matters in this transitory life! Thank u for calming my soul with the truth!

  3. prophet walden please pray for miss stuart for healing i have a big knot in my stomach and the doctor said my arteries in my neck may be blocked, im praying for a miracle in jesus name.pray for lee a backslider and for a 10 year old he is struggling in his self esteem and math school work, his name is amari. he asked me to tell you he need prayer.  thanks