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Brexit: Urgent Prophetic Warning! — 3 Comments

    • Dear Victor,
      Please use this Five Step Process:

      1. Give the area of your problem to Jesus to be LORD of.
      2. Make certain you have no unforgiveness or sin you do not want to give up.
        If you do have any sin, give it to Jesus to be LORD of also, and forgive any person if you have not done so already.
      3. Then tell Satan to leave in His Name, and to go to Him and take all he did to you, with him.
      4. In Jesus’ Name, command healing and restoration on all Satan did to you and in accordance with His Will, it will be done.
      5. Then ask The Holy Spirit to fill your soul, so Satan cannot come back in.

      This process is an extract from the article “Dealing with Temptation” by HKP author Neville Salvetti.


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